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November 16, 2013
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Zaelestis Reference by Shadow-Rukario Zaelestis Reference by Shadow-Rukario
EDIT: Now in colour! xD

So yeah, I needed to make a reference for Zaelestis, Kage's first protectorate and reincarnation of the original Thunder Guard. She starts off as quite an innocent and loving child, who lacks the memories from her previous life (which was ironically male; Guards reincarnate into whatever they can as soon as they can; this is why Zae ages like crazy as well, up til she becomes an adult and her growth spurts peter out). In this stage, she learns easily from Kage and his friend Leon, who teaches Zae Spanish at her request. She's eager to learn, and has magic that favours healing tactics rather than harming skills (as she has Light Magic alongside her Thunder Magic). In this stage, she learns defensive tactics from Kage, alongside dodging techs and some skills that help her avoid being hurt if she somehow gets lost. At this stage, Kage picks her clothes for obvious reasons.

As a teen, she starts to get phantom memories back, though she of course becomes moody since her body (which ages at an accelerated rate til she reaches full maturity) goes through puberty and stuff like that. She's very arrogant at this stage, and starts to favour more offensive tactics. Finding she doesn't like spending as much time with Kage as she figured, she starts spending time with his rival, Zakuruishi, instead. He teaches her some dirty fighting abilities, as well as some very cheap tactics (as Rui is a person who hates to lose), which, alongside Kage's magic training, makes her able to defeat a foe many times her size very easily.
In this stage, she's still supported by Kage, but starts picking her own style up. This stage, I like the most, for some reason. x3

As an adult, Zae gains all of her memories of her past life back, including how she died. Seeing as Kage unintentionally caused an accelerated reincarnation by using a specific katana of his, which was given to him by Lyora (who had captured her and 2 other Guards at the time), she's very bitter about the whole scenario, and especially with Kage (who has lost his memories of most events after Snow due to Kagari's plotline taking place). Going from someone who was once so eager to learn to someone who loves being ignorant to her mentor's suffering (especially by her own hands), she begins to hate Kage, who she finds weak (especially after Reishiki keeps terrorizing him).
She goes on her own after a run-in with the reincarnated Ice Guard, who holds Kage (her Guardian) dear. Her style... holy crap, most detailed thing I've ever drawn at this point! (/faints)
She favours instant paralysis/killing techniques at this stage, and continues well after she goes on her own. Out of spite, she occasionally visits Kage, though her rage starts to calm when he starts volleying her insults back at her.
Once Zae befriends Cendrillon, she calms down for the most part and leaves Kage alone until Protectorate starts up.

TL;DR: Zae goes from a White Mage, loving child, to a Red Mage, moody teen, to a Black Mage, hateful adult in the span of ten years due to grudges from her previous life. She then befriends Cendrillon and lives away from Kage from then on.
So yeah, Zae is sorta messed up. She's more like a Gumiho than a Kyuubi, truth be told. She's almost bloodthirsty by the time she's an adult; she leans more towards absolute sadism than actual bloodthirst, tho. :3

~Shadow R/B
Consider it spoilers, but once the Kagari plotline finishes up, those who were involved with the story end up losing all their memories of what happened during the Kagari plotline, as those characters who came in from the future end up being reborn in the Protectorate plotline into 2nd Gen (since the process involved sending a younger version of themselves to the past via the power of the Guards, those younger portions of their souls ended up trapped in a limbo until they could reincarnate into Gen 9. So, they were forced into rebirth instead, as living in a semi-permanent limbo would've been the crueler option, and those same reborn bodies will still end up reincarnating into their Gen 9 forms). So, this affects Kage a bit more than the others, since he encounters one of the time travelers directly after that battle.

Zaelestis ONLY exists in the plotline that eventually leads up to Protectorate. The regular ending of Snow leads to Frost, which leads to Kage going into a stasis, meaning Zaelestis' Thunder Stone/Egg would've never been found by him.
Likewise, Cendrillon ceases to exist in the regular Snow plotline for similar reasons.

I will TRY and do a flat colour of these pics (excluding the teen form, since it's already been done), as colour refs alone are VERY confusing with her adult form. In addition, her child form's kimono is gonna have patterns. I do it while shading, tho, so yeah. x3
AnimeHalf-Breed Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, cool to see her throughout her stages of child/teenage years!  Dat fluffy tail...o___o
Shadow-Rukario Nov 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Heh, thanks! I liked drawing this ref, despite the fact that it took me ages to do.
At least no one can say I didn't try now! xD

~Shadow R/B
Ugh, the frills are gonna be the hardest part to shade. SO TINY. xP
AnimeHalf-Breed Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tiny things = PAIN IN THE BUTT to shade D8

And yes, no one can say that xD
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