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Lost Power by Shadow-Rukario Lost Power by Shadow-Rukario
Ever wonder why Kage's name has an obvious meaning, but he wields the power of Ice rather than his secondary Shadow type (other than the fact that his younger brother is the master of that Element)? This is why. x3

This here is Stealth! I wonder if any of you remember the Shadow Self Meme I posted up a long time ago? This ties into that~.

So, Kage is a bit of a weird case. While he has special powers, they're usually limited to affecting people outside of himself (such as his forcing reincarnation on defeated souls), When the Ice Guide, Lumina, or the Shadow Guide, Eris are junctioned onto Kage's body, he gains access to an odd set of skills (usually relating to one of the fairies, depending on which girl he junctions in the first place; normally, this is Lumina). One of the more permanent ones is the ability to give his own shadow a will of its own. Most of the time, it isn't a notable change (aside from the odd reflection it causes in his eyes; this (SPOILERS) is why Kage's eyes are referred to as oddly dark at times), except when Kage is in danger or close to going into a temporary coma/stasis. In the former case, Kage can willingly give Stealth (the name of his 'shadow self') a body of its own. It only lasts Stealth as long as Kage is unconscious for--after that, Kage can willingly retract Stealth's powers away (but this gets harder as time goes on...).
In the case of the latter, however, Stealth goes mad with the free reign it's suddenly granted. As Kage entering a coma means his body is up for grabs, it takes advantage of this before anyone else (namely Reishiki) can exploit it's 'Master's' body. However, the influence of Kage's innate abilities can cause Stealth to go a bit crazy... The ability to feel the spirit of the planet (and thus the environment and its shifts) is one such power.

Now, later on in Snow, it's stated that the nature of the planet is changing, becoming bloodlusty and cruel to even the hardiest of its creations. So, if Stealth overtakes Kage by an Elementary overload (in which Kage absorbs so much Ice Magic that he himself loses it for a while, and his mental defenses drop entirely), it's compelled to do whatever Ceres wants from it. So, as you can probably guess, Stealth, as something that can derive power of its own from blood and Elemental Essences (it has to be pure or from Kage in that case), doesn't mind going through with this sort of thing a bit! xD

Stealth regains the original eye colour Kage had as a child, oddly enough. Wonder why? :3
In case you didn't notice it too, Stealth, when it has control over Kage's body, fluffs up its fur a LOT (I mean, look at his bedhead! xD). In a way, I guess it's a way to make (the already small) Kage look more intimidating. Since Stealth is more instinctive than Kage is, this is fitting. x3
(Funnily enough, the hair puffing-up thing happens when Mystic Lords transform into a stronger form as well. But their hair colour changes too.)

~Shadow R/B
Kage isn't even his real name, after all--it's a protective alias (hinting that Kage is very old, despite looking the opposite). So, who is to say the Kage everyone knows...isn't just a mask?
(... Going all Ryoku on your asses here, aren't I? xD)
Oh yeah, and I used the Spray texture and some selective selection (lol) to get the gorey-ish effect. Am I getting a bit better at shading blood (and clothes)? ._.

Warning: Random-ass RL rant ahead:
I don't know if I'll be drawing much for a while. MONDAY, an assignment due and a midterm in the morning. TUESDAY, an assignment due and a midterm in the earlier morning! ... (/cue massive F Bomb droppage)
Doesn't help me that I got an infection from something in the air recently. Started my last week off well. (Literally, went in on Monday, came back home looking like I had a pillow growing on my cheek. Right by my right EYE, TOO.) -.-
I still have to take a bit of medication, and apply some cream for a few more days, but that's not too bad (I guess). The penicillin also had negative effects on my body, so I had to take even more medicine to fix that issue up! Goddammit, the first and only time I get what I can only assume is an allergic reaction (to what, I wouldn't know; everything's FROZEN TODAY, AGAIN), and I don't even get the relief of saying, "Hey, this Benadril fixed the problem, I'm good, no worries here!" Four medications in total... And this is why I'm not into drugs of any kind. xD
Really, the sleepy side-effect of the pills I still have to take is what pisses me off most. I've been so tired I've been starting to nod off in psych class! (Though, I can't tell if it's medication or physical exhaustion/shit weather that's doing me in currently...) Dx
Getting little rest doesn't help much, either. I'm looking forward to relaxing tomorrow with some friends! (Despite the assignments I still have to do...)
Aw man, I could really use something sweet right now. xP
... So anyway, how was your guys' month? xD
(Sorry for whining. I needed that. xD)</b>
hawktakesflight Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015

/skitters away

papersak Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have gained +??? shading skills since I last went on a commenting spree. :clap: I heart the fur on this and Fated Circle, and you're having fun with clothing folds.

Stealth is a scary mofo. :ohnoes:

Good granola, doctors love throwing meds at people. :| ONE OF THEM HAS TO WORK let's hope
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